Achieve Prettier Volumised Lips

Lip augmentation in modern cosmetology is carried out with the help of hyaluronic acid, which after a special treatment takes the state of a viscous gel and does not resorb in the body for a long time. Before you go to the doctor, study the preparations on which the clinic works. Today the procedure for correcting the shape and volume of the lips is incredibly popular. Its main advantages are a short rehabilitation period, excellent aesthetic result, minimally invasive technique of carrying out. Let’s talk about how to Achieve Prettier Volumised Lips.

Features of the procedure

Hyaluronic acid after injection is gradually resorbed within 12 months. The rate of resorption depends on the rate of metabolism of the individual. The faster the metabolic processes in the body, the faster the drug will resorb. The answer to the question of whether the procedure is painful is ambiguous. Thus, lip augmentation is possible, both under local anesthesia and with the help of anesthetic cream. Girls who are familiar with the procedure, advise to choose the first option, because the cream is not always a good pain reliever. The procedure itself, on average, lasts for half an hour. After it, you should not drink or eat for three hours.

The cosmetologist performs an examination, discusses with the patient the desired result, clarifies the absence of contraindications. The area where the drug is injected is treated with a disinfectant. Then the drug is injected into the defined points to get the desired result. Then the beautician gently massages the lips with his fingers for better distribution of the gel component. 

After the procedure, there may be redness of the lips and swelling, which should go away within a day. The result will be clearly visible as soon as the swelling goes down. As for care after the procedure, doctors advise to drink enough fluids and protect the lips with a balm with SPF. Also, do not exercise for three weeks. Choosing a specialist for the procedure of lip augmentation, be sure to make sure he has a higher medical education. Courses or secondary medical education does not allow one or the other to perform invasive manipulations.

If suddenly you do not like the result of the lip augmentation procedure, you can return your lips to their original state. To do this, your doctor will inject you with a substance called hyaluronidase, which neutralizes hyaluronic acid. It will take several treatments to bring your lips back to their original appearance.


Among the possible consequences of the lip augmentation procedure are bruises, allergic reactions, the appearance of pigment spots, migration of the gel, the formation of seals in the lips, as well as blockage of blood vessels. But the negative consequences are quite rare. 

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