What should I avoid after Botox?

The effect of cosmetic procedures depends largely on two key factors – the experience and professionalism of the doctor, as well as the patient’s compliance with the rules during the rehabilitation period after the procedure. This is especially important when Botox injections are performed. In order to prevent negative effects and get the desired result, it is necessary to follow all the recommendations of the cosmetologist. In order for the drug to be effective, it is important that after its introduction, it is properly distributed in the tissues and acted exactly on the right nerve endings and muscles. The doctor must clearly instruct what you should avoid in the first hours and days after injections to minimize the negative effects. In this article, we will answer the question: What should I avoid after Botox?

What to avoid after Botox

  • The horizontal position. For about 5 hours after injections, you should not bend face down for a long time, go to sleep. This is due to the redistribution of blood to the head and face area. The expansion of capillaries in the injection area, increased metabolic processes in the tissues due to blood flow to the muscles will not allow the entire dose of the drug to penetrate the nerve endings. 
  • Alcohol consumption. Alcohol leads to the dilation of blood vessels and increased capillary blood flow, the rush of blood to the face. Therefore, it is possible to partially neutralize Botox or distribute it to undesirable areas. 
  • Sports. Exercise, especially with bending or intense load, contribute to the increase of blood flow in the head and face area. Engagement in any kind of sports, fitness, running, and strength training is contraindicated for at least 48 hours. The list of prohibited activities includes dancing, martial arts, jumping, and swimming.
  • Visiting the sauna. Exposure to heat dilates the capillaries on the face, which can negate all the effects of injections. For at least one day after the procedure, you should not wash your face with hot water or take a hot shower. 
  • Facial massage. Any mechanical action in the face area also increases blood flow and metabolism. Therefore, for at least three days are prohibited massages, various injections, warming masks and other procedures.
  • Medications. It is important to discuss with your doctor all the medications you are taking. Some of them may increase blood circulation, which is undesirable in the period after injections. 
  • Staying at the beach and in a tanning bed. Similar to the sauna, being in the sun warms up the upper layers of the facial tissues, which can have an adverse effect on the results of the injections.

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